You are the unwanted tenants, despised.

Occupying way too much space in my mind.

And the rent? What a joke!

Curse you till my last breath,

You loathsome folk.

You’d come to teach lessons,

And that’s where it was meant to end.

But you stayed a little longer, and

Scores of times did me offend.

I flinched a wee bit, yet kept my calm.

But as you went overboard,

In vain I tried to shrug you off,

You were the sole reason,

That people at me did scoff.

Even so, you all lingered on, unabashed.

Making me retaliate,

In an attitude equally brash.

You’ve clung on to me for as long as I can recall,

Abhor you all and your owners alike,

For all these years that me you did haul.

But now that the tables have turned,

It’s time you developed cold feet,

For you’ll now be crushed and churned.

Your creators i forewarn,

Revenge is well on it’s way!


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