2013: The Year That Was

Twelve months make one whole year, a long time that is, given how long even five minutes seem before the Newshour debate begins on Times Now. But what indeed leaves me nonplussed and perplexed is pondering how in a jiffy, this year has just whizzed past in a flash. Even before the feeling of celebration of the commencement of the year 2013 could sink in properly, here I am, writing my last blog of the very same year.

It feels as if it was only yesterday that I was drenched to the bone with sweat during the sweltering summer and now I sit tightly wrapped in quilts and blankets. Like they say- Time flies.
This year has been an absolute rollercoaster ride. Both ups and downs shared equal room. Only, I attempted to savour the ups with far more intensity than the downs.

Reminiscing about the times I spent this year, I can truly say that it was the best one I had so far. Friends who always stood by me and supported me in every way concreted my belief about the fact that there will always be people who are considerate about me. Gurjot, Manjot, Jasleen, Priya, Aditi, Ishmeet, Harsrisht, Manmeet, Ankita, Rippan, Raghav, Harshan, Aadi bhaiya, Akash (both Malhotra and Lamba 😛 ), Shikhar- (Forgive me if I missed anyone out) Love you all.


And then there were those who thought that they could cover up their insecurities and incompetency by trying to outfox me in the silliest of ways, whereas they themselves stand nowhere. You tried to pull me down, only to make me realise that I’m way above you. Another couple of years we’ll see for ourselves who stands where. The way you flinch is so uncontrollably laughable! LOL. But no matter what, your lot deserves more gratitude than my friends do. You along with your insecurities time and again boost my confidence like nothing else does; I hope you continue to do that in 2014 as well. Thanks a ton!

The time spent in school mostly made this year what it turned it out be- fantabulous. From becoming house prefect to giving a jaw dropping and eye popping performance at the annual function- everything went off well and good, save the academics part. AARRGGHH! :/ But in this regard, the final nail in the coffin is yet to be hit- The boards!!! 😥
And now as I sit writing this blog and gape at the screen, I try and reckon how not having been able to study throughout the year was not a very good thing to have happened after all and if I still have options open before me….
I gotta go bury my head in the books. Ciao!


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