Acquiescent No More


In that one brief minute

Of pristine frolic, my first

In a dozen light years,

When the yearnings decided to sidestep

Every norm of social convention,

When the heart remained no longer acquiescent

To all the diktats issued by those austere,

Wielding a false sense of entitlement.

In the midst of a sea of the unquestioning,

I resolved to not end up a clone.

My feet remained no longer tethered

To the shore they had passed off as the threshold

We couldn’t overstep.

I broke away, gleefully

Arms flailing,

Embracing the waves.

As tide after tide slathered me with salt,

The rendezvous with liberation

I knew had come about.

Just as the trance broke,

Looking over my shoulder

I found that the herders had long departed.

Too stunned to chastise the defiant.

And glimpsed only the last of the sheep.




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